Take Back Your Back

Back pain is one of the most common reasons Americans take sick days. Here, two NASM Corrective Exercise Specialists (NASM-CES) share the perpetrators of the pain and how you can help keep your clients working—and working out.

Train with Fitness Apps

Add even more relevance to your routines by integrating apps your clients are likely already using.

Build Explosive Strength

Power and explosive strength are important to virtually every client. Here, two NASM Performance Enhancement Specialists (NASM-PES) share how to deliver both.

Powerful Women

Surveys show female health club membership is on the upswing, but women still visit less often than men. Here’s how to tap into this growing market and keep them coming back for more.

Push the Push-Up

The basic push-up is a classic all-in-one exercise. ILLUSTRATIONS BY MCKIBILLO

Science of the ACL

Your female clients are at an increased risk of ACL injuries. Here’s how to protect them.

Share This!

Boost your social-media output! Copy and paste these client-friendly, ready-to-share Tweets and Facebook posts.

Wonder Women

Take your female clients’ strength and fitness to new heights with this hormone-timed full-body powerhouse workout.

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