Protect Your Elbow

Warmer weather means more recreational athletes grabbing racquets and clubs—and potentially injuring a vulnerable joint: the elbow. Here, two NASM Corrective Exercise Specialists share what makes the elbow so tricky—and how to keep clients swinging strong.

Fight Club

Your clients can get amazing results by training like a mixed martial artist—even if they never want to fight.

Field Maneuvers

Sports from baseball to soccer require abrupt direction changes. Specialized training—and NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES)—can help.

Share This!

Boost your social-media output! Copy and paste these client-friendly, ready-to-share Tweets and Facebook posts.

Who Inspires You?

This issue features lots of inspiring trainers. What’s your story of inspiration? Plus: Introducing what’s new with The Training Edge.

Get in the Ring: An MMA-Inspired Workout

Bring out the eye of the tiger in your clients with this full-body MMA-inspired workout. It will have them kicking and punching their way to the best body of their lives.

Trainer Stories That Will Wow You

Five spirit-lifting, slump-defying stories from NASM personal trainers who have found ways to triumph and are inspiring their clients to do the same.

Get Useful Feedback

Client feedback is crucial for trainers and gym owners alike. Here’s how to get feedback that can help you grow.

Build Your Network

Ivan Misner, PhD, called the “father of modern networking,” offers his best advice.

Earn CEUs

NASM is offering 0.1 CEUs from the May/June 2015 issue for $15!

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