Is Organic Better?

What one headline-grabbing study into the benefits of organic foods really means for you.

How to Adjust Workout Programs for Clients with Diabetes

There are more than 29 million Americans with diabetes, including more than 8 million who are undiagnosed; more than one in three people have prediabetes. In other words, it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter clients with this serious health condition. No chart can substitute for thorough knowledge of a condition, but these insights, from Nathan Moore, NASM-CPT, of the South Yuba Club in Grass Valley, Calif., who has type 1 diabetes, and Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, an ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist and diabetes educator in New York City, can help guide your work when a client has diabetes.

Boost Your Heart Smarts

For American Heart Month, increase your heart knowledge with insights into how exercise impacts your ticker, how to measure fitness through heart rate, and top cardio concerns that trainers should know about.

Extend Your Reach

Fitness can change lives—but it can take outside-the-box thinking to help others see that it’s true. Is it time that you reached a broader community? These three trainers show how it can be done.

Rise of the Body-Weight Workout

These equipment-free, do-anywhere workouts are exploding in popularity for good reason—they work. Here’s how to put them to use for you and your clients.

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