How to Click With Clients

Make the most of social media with these tips from a fitness-marketing pro who’s been there, posted that.

King of the Beasts

Mike Fitch, creator of the Animal Flow® Workout, shares how his innovative programming can bring out the primal grace in your clients.

Double-Check Your Triathlon Training Knowledge

Much has changed in endurance training during the four decades since the first triathlon. Ensure you are current on the new science to help clients enhance performance in a more time-efficient manner.

New Clients? Get to the Core of the Matter

A strong, stable core is key to injury prevention and client retention. Here’s the science behind core stabilization, along with moves to strengthen key muscle groups. . . and your clients’ resolve to stick with your program.

How to Modify Like a Pro

Keep workouts safe, effective and positive for everyone by planning ahead and following these four rules.

Pilates and Joint Replacement Recovery

Pilates reformer work helped yoga teacher Rick Lynch rehab after hip replacement. Here’s why it worked—and how Pilates can help your clients before and after this type of surgery.

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