CEU CORNER: Metabolic Training: Is Cardio Worth Your Time?

Moderate-intensity continuous cardio workouts are the gold standard for many health organizations. But other types of training may offer equal or greater benefits, especially for some people. Here is a summary of the research and how you can adapt client programs accordingly.

Nutrition: The Science of Nourishment

Peak Garden Season, Peak Performance. Local produce is all the rage in summer, and with good reason. Upping your intake offers plenty of perks for a healthier body, wallet and planet.

Q+A: What is the 3/7 Protocol?

The 3/7 Protocol is a series of 5 sets of an exercise in which the reps are increased incrementally from 3 to 7 (thus, its name) while using the same weight. A recovery period of 15 seconds or less is taken between each of the 5 sets.

The Injured Instructor’s Path to Recovery

We love to be front and center in the gym, leading our members through their workouts, but we all get sidelined once in a while. Consider this advice on deciding when and how to push through, take a rest or readjust your role.

MMA Meets OPT™: A Powerful Way to Serve Your Tribe

Add some extra punch to your programming with a highly effective, motivating and exhilarating MMA-style drill, grounded in the scientific principles of Phase 5 of the NASM Optimum Performance Training™ model. Members are sure to get a kick out of it, and so are you.

The CPT’s Playbook for High-School Preseason Training

At most levels of performance enhancement, sports specificity is more of a marketing message than a systematic approach. The areas of strength and conditioning and performance enhancement have been increasingly researched and improved over the past 25 years. We have also learned a great deal about reducing the risk for injury.

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