Let’s Get Technical

Let’s Get Technical updates for November 2015



The mPactTM revolutionary health, wellness and fitness platform is not for everyone—it’s for you. When it comes to diet and exercise, each person is different. Factors such as age, weight and health must be considered when developing a program for diet and exercise. With the help of AIMETM (Artificially Intelligent Metabolic Expert) a virtual health advisor, mPact is able to aggregate and analyze hundreds of data points about each user and how his/her body functions— “cracking the code” to determine the specific nutrition and exercise protocol that works for each individual to help him or her burn fat and build metabolism-boosting muscle. Developed by Darin MacDonald, a fitness and nutrition professional with 29 years of experience behind him, along with a team of medical professionals, mPact will proactively guide users to make the right choices and educate them on the impact of those choices so they are empowered to change their health for the better. For more information, visit mpact.io.


A cure for the “dreadmill,” the RunSocial app combines social running with HD videos of iconic running routes. It integrates digital running avatars into real-world footage, along with Facebook and Twitter integration, to create the most social treadmill running experience available. Run with friends, colleagues or even participate in public events, such as the London Marathon.  That’s the social part that makes it very cool. You can run in real-world locations that were filmed in places that most people haven’t had the fortune to visit or run in, such as the Swiss Alps, Ireland, Bali, Joshua Tree and more. American Fitness readers can try the Swiss Alps 10K route by entering coupon code AFRS12 at www.runsocial.com/promo



Sensoria Inc, a leader in wearable fitness technology, presents wearable fitness gear and an integrated running system, along with an accompanying Android app. This line of smart sports bras and T-shirts, along with the running system will improve consistency, accuracy and user experience, providing customers with greater insights about their running styles and physical performance. The smart socks and upper body garments all connect to the Sensoria Fitness mobile app to provide holistic, real-time feedback to help improve performance. Sensoria’s redesigned smart sports bra and t-shirt integrates heart rate electrodes and is made of a fabric with moisture wicking to minimize body temperature fluctuations. The wearable running system uses real-time audio and visual feedback based on data collected directly from the Sensoria smart bra, smart t-shirt and smart socks. Check them out at www.sensoriafitness.com
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