It Starts At Home

Tap Into the Energy Around You Using the Principles of Feng Shui

by Tisha Morris


In today’s busy world, many are all looking for more energy. That is why client’s come to the gyms to work out. But, believe it or not, there is a vast source of energy right under your nose—your home. Think of your home as an energy portal, not only to your career, relationships and finances, but also to your physical health and overall well-being. When we enhance the energy in our home, we give our own personal energy a boost. 

People are realizing just how important space is to their overall energy levels. Principles of feng shui and design are becoming more the norm as people recognize the correlation of how they feel and how their home feels. The same is true with all spaces, from businesses to yoga studios and gyms. How a space looks and feels has become the x-factor in attracting new clients, especially in the fitness industry. 

It is particularly important for trainers and fitness professionals to optimize their own energy as clients depend on it to raise theirs. One of the quickest ways to boost energy is by clearing clutter. Clutter is stagnant energy and it takes up valuable space in your life. Similar to excess weight in the body, clutter in your home. It weighs you down preventing new energy from flowing through. And just like losing weight, losing clutter is easier said than done. 

For this reason, start with the easiest areas first. Don’t set out to tackle your entire basement in a few hours. Start with realistic goals and break things down into bite-sized tasks. For example, if you want to clear out your closet, start with one rack. If you still have momentum, then move to the next rack. Chances are, once you get going you will not want to stop. Clearing clutter can have immediate, positive physiological effects, including an ease of breath, better focus, feeling less stressed and even weight loss. 

If you’re like most people, you’ve gone to a great yoga class, had a vigorous workout, or received relaxing bodywork only to return home to your same behavioral patterns. Within a few hours you fall right back into your old habits, such as eating unhealthy or simply having low energy. Our home and our body are all made of energy. And the same energy patterns can be found in your home as in your body. In the same way our body has energy blocks and areas of stagnant energy, so does our home.

Therefore, it is great to incorporate feng shui principles in conjunction with other modalities. This is also the reason why many coaches and trainers in health and fitness industries are turning to feng shui to assist clients in improving their overall well-being. 

In addition to working with clients one-on-one, I also train others to become certified feng shui consultants through my online certification course. I find that more and more of my students are not so much looking to become feng shui consultants as they are interested in adding another tool to their toolbox to assist their clients in reaching their personal goals. With the emergence of eastern modalities, we are realizing that changes must be approached from the perspective of mind and body. Our home is a mirror for both of those and therefore a powerful tool.

Approaching health and wellness from the perspective of one’s home is often helpful for clients to see their patterns and blocks from a more objective standpoint. Once they have awareness around their blocks, they feel more empowered and inspired to have a more disciplined fitness practice, incorporate meditation, and possibly improve their nutrition. It also gives trainers the ability to be more creative in their approach to working with clients rather than just hitting the gym.   AF

Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui

Tisha Morris’ most recent book, called Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui (Llewellyn Publications, 2015) introduces an additional relationship of mind, body and home. The Five Elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water —are the basis of feng shui and other Chinese medicine modalities, such as acupuncture and Qi gong. Similar to balancing the Five Elements in your body through acupuncture, you can balance the Five Elements in your home to create a stabilized, supportive space. 

If you are interested in learning more about feng shui, you can visit Morris at where you can access everything from free videos to an iPhone app to online workshops. For those interested in training with Morris to become a certified feng shui practitioner, you can visit for more information. Morris says that “Most people enroll in the course to help their clients, but end up transforming their own life in the process. It really is a great way to feng shui your life and career!”  
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