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The latest Industry News and Highlights for November 2015

TRX Education

TRX® Education Journey
TRX®, the industry leader in functional training and creator of Suspension Training body weight exercise, now brings TRX Education Journey for fitness professionals. This continuing education program of courses provides participants with a progressive approach to learning the system of Foundational Movement Coaching, advancing from coaching TRX Foundational Movement standards with the Suspension Trainer, to developing skills and integrating multiple training tools for a variety of training environments.

The new courses are designed to be an educational “journey” which takes a cohesive approach by progressively integrating multiple modalities, coaching and teaching techniques as part of an overall experience in building more complete trainers and coaches. This new continuing education program is composed of the Suspension Training and RIP Training, Functional Training and Group Training Courses. Each course is built on TRX’s unique approach to Foundational Movement Coaching. The courses also transcend TRX’s core modalities of Suspension Training and RIP training, by offering world-class education options for fitness professionals across all disciplines.

“TRX exists to empower the pursuit of better in everyone by delivering world-class training gear, programming and continuing education. Our new education courses are a huge leap forward for the industry and further our commitment to stay at the cutting-edge of training,” says Randy Hetrick, TRX CEO and founder. “The TRX Education Journey ensures fitness professionals, and in turn, their clients, are equipped with the very best training tools, techniques and practices available in the fitness industry.”
In addition to courses aimed at fitness professionals that are included in the TRX Education Journey, there are also exclusive courses available for commercial facilities to help them attract, engage and retain members. These commercial programs include the TRX Advanced Group Training Course, Sports Medicine Suspension Training, Group RIP Training and Cardio Tennis Training. For more, visit

Shaun T's CIZE
CIZE™ is Beachbody’s newest dance fitness program developed in conjunction with world-renowned fitness motivator and choreographer, Shaun T. 


Based on the choreography in today’s hottest music videos, CIZE engages every muscle group to create a full body workout that includes cardio training, core strengthening and toning. With Shaun T breaking down each move, participants learn and improve their dance skills in only 30 days with step-by-step and move-by-move instructions that lead into full dance combinations. People working out to CIZE have so much fun they don’t realize the calories they are burning, it truly is the end of exercise.
“I created CIZE because I love to dance!  I love how I feel when I’m dancing and wanted people to experience that feeling. I believe everybody can dance, plus it’s a great way to exercise, have fun and ultimately get results,” says Shaun T.  “In developing CIZE, I went back to my roots as a dancer and choreographer and remembered the fun millions had with Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body.” 
Unlike other dance programs, CIZE is designed for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or your skills are more advanced. As each workout builds upon the next, CIZE introduces new dance moves that challenge participants in different ways – all designed to deliver results.  


For more information and updates on CIZE, visit    

PLYOGA®—Your Body is Power
Using a 4-segment system that includes Strength, Endurance, Balance and Flexibilty training, PLYOGA is designed to challenge everyone from the beginner to perennial athlete.


Created by Stephanie Lauren, competitive gymnast, bodybuilder, AFAA certified personal trainer, nutritional health and wellness coach. PLYOGA  fuses the best of intense plyometric training and yoga posture moves for fluent recovery.  Look for class locations on both coasts in California and New Jersey. Visit their site at

The “Weight” Is Over With Maxx Bench

Maxx Bench 2

Just fully funded at, Maxx Bench is the first-ever free weight bench with a built-in foot activated release for safety. So many injuries occur each year when weight lifters take on more weight they can handle at the benches. The Maxx Bench release lowers the bench to a secondary rest so you can set your weights down safe and easy. Maxx Bench is the brainchild of Dave Vorozilchak, an engineer and fitness enthusiast who hopes to see his bench in gyms across America soon. Check it out at
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