Exercise Update

The latest exercise update for November 2015

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Control Your Power—Flexline
Flexline Dynamic Cable Training could be a game-changer in group fitness. Introduced at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles back in July, Flexline is the first computer-controlled cable weight equipment to be utilized in group fitness classes. With Flexline’s patented wireless smart handle controls, adding or subtracting resistance is as easy as pressing a button. No longer do you need to guess what barbell or free weight to use. Being able to conveniently change resistance settings during your workout allows for safer, faster and more efficient exercising. Great for group fitness and personal training, Flexline really puts the power in the palm of your hands. Check them out at www.flexlinefitness.com

BollyX® Adds a Little Zing to Dance Workouts


Dance to the hottest music from around the world with BollyX inspired by the energetic vibes of India and Bollywood. Created by a unique group of creative individuals, BollyX is a 50-minute cardio workout that cycles between high-intensity and low-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweaty and inspired. The creators are made up of Shahil Patel, an America’s Got Talent semi-finalist, and Minal Mehta, a marketing maven and Harvard MBA. Since its launch in 2013, BollyX has grown— expanding to dance studios and gyms in 20 major cities with 600+ trainees and trainers nationwide. Take a look at www.bollyx.com.
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